When Fleet Insurance Pays Off.

Practicing what I preach paid off.

An arson attack at a luxury car repair garage in Bolton saw my prized possession, my dream car, destroyed. A total write off as you would say and a stressful day when I received the call with the news.

As a Director of Organic, I advise clients (along with the rest of the team) on the best insurance policies to take out for their business and personal circumstances. We all understand that insurance is often a necessary but not all too popular purchase but regardless we remain passionate about it for good reason. It really is one of the most important purchases you make, as I found out that day when the unbelievable happened. It is the unexpected events in life – illness, loss and damage – that insurance covers but in order for it to protect you in the way you intend you need the right cover and that is where experience and expertise come in.

Luckily for me, I practice what I preach. Along with the other Directors in the business I was on a Fleet Insurance Policy. This both saved us money in the first place providing a cheaper premium but also awarded us a higher level of cover from the car insurance we had previously as individuals.

Not only did the Fleet Insurance Policy save me money overall but it provided the Comprehensive Cover, excessive protect insurance and gap insurance that ensured such a devastating experience was far less stressful than it could have been. I was not only offered a like for like vehicle loan car but I was also guaranteed the total pay-out back to the value of the car (without being in negotiations with insurers over the value of the vehicle) suffering zero financial loss.

It’s nice to be able to say “do as I say and as I do!”.

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