Simplifying Landlord Insurance.

A Tale of Twenty Seven Properties

Landlord Insurance is very different to ordinary home insurance and it requires a different level of expert knowledge and understanding to put together the right package.

As a professional landlord, one of our clients, was frustrated with the amount of paperwork, admin and hassle that comes with 27 different insurance policies for 27 different properties. The ideal scenario was clear – one policy that could take care of all of the properties, ensuring their individual protection but reducing the paperwork and admin.

Not only were we able to achieve that, thanks to our understanding of the market and access to numerous providers, but we were also able to reduce the cost of his premium.

Less paperwork, less hassle, less money going out the bank. It was a win, win, win situation.

Unsurprisingly we made this client very happy:

“I have always used several different insurers which has created lots of paperwork over the years, some confusion for tenants and many direct debits and contacts for me. Using Organic, I have put all of my houses on one policy, saving a lot of time and money and really simplifying my admin with one monthly payment.

Donna made the whole process simple and I received all my documents in one easy file. It makes my life a whole lot easier having one contact for me and my tenants should they need to get assistance. I have been with Organic for six months now, and I am in the process of moving all my personal finance and insurance over. I saved a vast amount of money on my Property Owners Insurance and even received an upgrade on my policies at no additional cost.”

Are you now wondering what you could save in both time and money on your insurance? If you require Property Owners Insurance and want to see how we could help you, contact us on 0333 023 8080