Do You Need Life Insurance?.

Nobody likes to think about what would happen to their family if they were no longer around to provide for them.  By taking out Life Insurance you can put something in place, so if the worse does happen you have the reassurance that your children, partner and other dependants will be taken care of.

Do I need Life Insurance?

If you have a family who relies on you financially and you worry about what they would do to cope should you die, then taking out a Life Insurance Policy can provide you with the reassurance you need.

How much does Life Insurance Cost?

The cost of Life Insurance depends on a number of factors, including;




Length of the policy

How is Life Insurance Paid Out?

Life Insurance can be paid out in one lump sum or as regular payments when you die to cover specific outgoings such as a mortgage or rent.

What isn’t covered with Life Insurance?

Life insurance usually only covers death.  If you can’t provide for your family because of illness or disability, then Critical Illness and Income Protection Insurances could provide an alternative solution.

What if I already have Life Insurance through my employer?

You need to know whether you have an employee package with your current employer that includes “death in service” benefits.

If you do have this, then you need to work out whether this cover will be enough for your family financially if you die or whether you might need an additional Life Insurance policy to supplement it.

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